On Sun, 2009-12-06 at 09:24 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>      app: Have an "Export" button, not "Save", in export dialogs
Thanks for fixing that!

> > (2) The default save location should not be ~/Documents in the case that
> >     a file has been imported - it should default to the directory
> >     containing the imported image (see the spec)
> Hmm this seems to work for me, what is the exact step-by-step?

Actually this seems to have improved in the last few days! (or more
precisely, in the past month, I had not been doin a git pull because
of the problem with images interfering with each other)

The only time it's biting me now is that if I scan an image, the
folder where I started gimp isn't listed as an option.  I'll try and
keep a more careful note of any other problems - oops!


> > (4) images interfere with each other. E.g. open a colour image, and a
> >     grayscale one, and watch the colour one turn to grayscale whenever
> >     the grayscae one becomes active... and the grey one goes to RGB
> >     seemingly at random, too.  This and (2) are making it difficult
> >     to use GIMP right now.
> I'm not able to reproduce this either, what is the step-by-step?

(1) File->New, make an RGB image, e.g. 377x233px in size.
    paint a smiling face in red.

(2) File->New, choose Advanced Options and make a grayscale image
    (I made mine 377x233px).

(3) Notice how the smile in the first image is now gray - you can make
    the first image RGB again by going to it and hitting undo, but as
    soon as you go back to the 2nd image, the 1st image goes grayscale

> > (8) The curves and levels dialogues look really snazzy in full-screen
> >     mode, composited against the layer.
> Do you mean 'Colors -> Curves...' and 'Colors -> Levels...' together 
> with 'View -> Fullscreen'? Seems to work fine for me, what is the 
> step-by-step? Are we even running the same version (git master)? :)

Yes, I'm running git master. And I am not in single window mode.
It turns out to depend on whether you use Colours->Curves or you
click with the colour tool...

(1) File->New, make a colour image, e.g. 377x233 px.
(2) choose colour->curves and get a new window with the curves
    dialogue.  Press Cancel and it goes away.
(3) Go to full screen mode with F11 (say)
(4) choose colour->curves again, and get a translucent in-window thing
    for curves.  You can use the middle mouse button to drag the image
    under the in-window thing to see this. Press ESC to make it go away.
(5) Press F11 to leave full screen mode.
(6) click the image (with the colour tool still selected) and see the
    translucent thing.

> Shoeless regards,
> Martin



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