Greeting: interesting scenario:

I have a number of batch workflows, written in python, that run as python-fu 

Sample bash terminal command:

gimp -ibdf '(python-fu-batch-colorRT RUN-NONINTERACTIVE \"*.JPG\")''(gimp-quit 

Opens each file and applies the plug in. Works Fine.

Also fine when run from a wrapping python script as:

command = "gimp -ibdf '(python-fu-batch-usnaps-colorRT RUN-NONINTERACTIVE 
\"*.JPG\")''(gimp-quit 1)'"

process = Popen([command], shell=True)

..PROVIDED that the wrapping script is run from the bash command line:


Problem is, when this same python wrapping script is scheduled via launchd,(OS 
X launch daemon) an error is generated "sh: gimp: command not found" and gimp 
never runs.

I can replace the entire gimp command with a common shell command (ls, whoami, 
etc for example) and I get the proper response from either run method.

The wrapper script runs based on launchd's <WatchPaths> key, as new images 
arrive in a folder.

Anyone use this type of workflow? Help is greatly appreciated,

kindly, -hc

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