On Sat, 2009-12-05 at 14:13 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> peter sikking wrote:
> > well, I am thinking about why docks get organised in rows of tabs,  
> > together,
> > and why in different rows, paralleling. and then I _can_ see that it  
> > makes
> > sense for some users to have (like in your shot) layers+channels+paths 
> > +undo
> > in text for calmness and brushes+patterns+gradients in icon for  
> > briefness and
> > the direct representation of the current selection.
> Ok, I understand how you think now. But we don't need to have 
> per-tab-row settings to solve this, maybe we could have an "if dock has 
> status, show icon, else show text" Tab Style. People can then still 
> group dockables that has status to show.
> > I would hate to see it buried in the preferences.
> Me too

I don't see the point here, and how this "mess" couldn't be fixed
by having a default-tab-style prefs option (for newly created
dockables), and then enable the user to do whatever she likes.

I myself always had a hard time finding some *specific* dockables
in the beginning after we switched to docks, so I had some rarely-
used ones set to "icon and text" and once I learned them, i reduced
that to "icon". There is IMHO no harm in allowing this.


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