I'd like to implement a feature where I can rotate/tilt the Canvas, draw a
bit and reset it to it's original orientation quickly. This need to be fast
and the rotation in itself should not make any permanent/destructive changes
(should work like the current rotation preview but without dialogs).  

I draw quite a bit with pen and paper and this work flow is vital to be able
to sketch in a fluid manner.

My intention would be to write this as a plug-in. What I would like to know
is A) does this already exist and B) would you consider it to be a hard task
to implement this as a plug-in?

I have programming knowledge and work as a developer. I know several
languages but I'm work with Java on a daily basis. I have no previous
experience developing for GIMP or using it's libraries.

My approach would be to rotate the canvas by x degrees and letting the input
from the tools would be rotated with -x so that they align with the screen

This need to have a short cut key that only allows the orientation to be
altered when that key is pressed.

Happy for suggestions and information.

Best regards 
Magnus Andersson

Magnus A. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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