Joseph Miller wrote:
> I have to work with a lot of website images so I end up doing a lot of 
> resizing.  I kept running into problems though where I would resize a 
> whole set of layers, then find out I made them to large or too small.  
> But I wouldn't be able to know this until I had them laid out on the 
> image and could visually see the result.  Since git Gimp has support for 
> layer trees now (woo!) I figured this would be the easiest way to 
> implement the feature.  I just got this arranged about 20 minutes ago so 
> I have not done a whole lot of testing.  I also don't really know much 
> about Gimp internals.  I am looking for comments to my approach.  Should 
> I be moving in a different direction?  I would like to add 
> brightness-contrast non-destructive editing next, then maybe some color 
> correction.

Hi Joseph!

Interesting patch, but it is unfortunately in the wrong direction. 
Non-destructive scaling needs to be implemented with GEGL and not by 
hijacking layer group semantics.

Also, you should submit patches with git format-patch as described here:

But anyway, it's great to see a fresh mind hack on GIMP, keep those 
patches coming!

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