I have extracted the following list of changes from the GIT log and am  
presenting it here in case it might facilitate the efforts to announce  
the 2.6.8 release. I have tried to follow the format used on the 2.6  
NEWS page (http://developer.gimp.org/NEWS-2.6).

Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.6.7 to GIMP 2.6.8

* Bugs fixed:

   470698 - MapObject cannot modify highlight
   601891 - gimp_image_get_selection returns None
   604508 - gimp-layer-new-from-visible should work from updated projection
   594998 - Keyboard shortcuts does not work for first image when dock  
is focused
   594651 - layer.scale() raises RuntimeError
   563770 - Layer border visibility don't work with masks
   593848 - FG color changed to black when FG-BG Editor tab created
   599765 - F1 key on gimp-tool-align in menu have wrong link and it  
open gimp-tool-move
   602761 - plug-in-grid: Parameters Horizontal/Vertical Spacing and  
Horizontal/Vertical Offset are reversed
   604078 - Crash when pressing Backspace with Free Select Tool

* Added sanity and hardening checks for the SGI, PCX, PSD and BMP file  
importing functions; as well as for GIMP patterns (PAT) and brushes  
* Fixed a width/height confusion in the healing tool algorithm  
(referenced in the comments of bug #519503)
* Fixed call to deprecated gimp_dock_get_context() (introduced during  
fixing of bug #594998)
* Fixed updating of the layer preview's border after removing a mask
* Fixed filling of regions which don't have alpha channel (fixed  
problem with drag-n-drop to indexed images)
* Fixed global storing of image-specific settings (such as resolution  
and print offsets)
* Updated configure scripts to check for proper automake version

* Updated and new translations:

   British English (en_GB)
   Czech (cs)
   Greek (el)
   Polish (pl)
   Italian (it)
   Basque (eu)
   Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)
   Romanian (ro)
   French (fr)
   Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
   Catalan (ca)
   Russian (ru)

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