Joseph Miller wrote:
>     With GEGL, this will be done through a scale node, like
>     "gegl:transform", in the image graph. The code to manage this
>     probably will not end up in about the same size as what you have
>     already, except it will use GEGL API instead of GIMP's pixel region
>     APIs. We have already ported the projection to GEGL, so simply look
>     at the existing GEGL code (git grep gegl_) and extrapolate to get a
>     good estimate on how a "gegl:transform" node would be added to the
>     graph.
> Is this projection already usable by the GIMP interface?

Well, the user interface itself doesn't use GEGL, but if you mean "how 
do I make GIMP use GEGL for image compositing?", the answer is that you 
just turn it on with View -> Use GEGL.

> [...]  Looks like it GEGL has 
> support for multithreading?  I just got a quad-core and I'm anxious for 
> it to improve my productivity wherever possible.

GEGL does not yet do multi threaded, but it a planned feature. It will 
happen transparently to clients though so the GIMP code will not (should 
not have to) bother.

  / Martin


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