> I hope that we can motivate you to work on the GEGL graph in GIMP so
> that it can not only be used to project the image data, but also to do
> some of the image processing.
I would like to try.  I have not been able to access www.gegl.org for the
documentation.  Is this just a problem on my end?  Where can I get GEGL
documentation so I can learn a bit about the concepts, organization, and
structure.  And where is the GEGL operation that handles scaling?  I'll go
look for the projection code in now...

I will be using my patch in the meantime for my personal work and I may try
and post it on my website in a way where others can take advantage of it in
the meantime.  I tell you, I had almost tried to implement this in scheme
(using the layer's name to specify the operations).  That would have been
pretty awful as well, but I'm not about to try and run Photoshop on my
Ubuntu box.  I had at one point written a layer groups scheme script that
used the layer names to keep track of the groups - and I learned scheme just
for this.  I'm very thankful for the native layer groups that now exists in
master and seems to be pretty stable.  I think you can see by now how
desperately I have wanted these features and I'm sure that I am not alone.

Thanks for all of your help.

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