> I - Separate brush tip and stroke
> IMHO, the current brush system is unintuitive. 
> There are duplicated features (size), bizarrely located ones
> (spacing), 
> missing ones (why does hardness have dynamics and no slider ?). 
> Features inside a same dialog doesn't seem logically organized.
> As an improvement, I'd like to see a brush system built around brush
> tips and brush strokes.y.
> I.1 - Tip (+ feature : hardness treshold)

I would also mentionned 
1. the ability to get some angle in the dynamics would be cool 
2. and each dynamic option should be able to be set in intensity

but i don't know how difficult it would be :)

personnaly, i'm not a dev but a graphic designer and i've done a report
on Scribus UI. I mentioned that i could save nearly 3 human-time weeks
of work with little UI improvement (icon here or there, windows some
ways...), and i'm ready to work on it but i would need efficient and
proximate help for the first tries.
May be that being 2 people beginning at the same time would help :)


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