Quoting Louise Hoffman <louise.hoff...@gmail.com>:

> When I select the plugin in GIMP I get these errors:
> Calling error for procedure 'gimp-drawable-width': Procedure
> 'gimp-drawable-width' has been called with an invalid ID for argument
> 'drawable'. Most likely a plug-in is trying to work on a layer that
> doesn't exist any longer.
> ...

Your invocation of 'gimp_install_procedure' specifies NULL for the  
image_type. This is probably what you want -- you don't need an image  
opened in order to create a new image -- but this means that you  
shouldn't be using GIMP_PDB_IMAGE and GIMP_PDB_DRAWABLE in your  
GimpParamDef (if there is no image open when you execute the plug-in,  
those parameters can't be provided).

As a side note, I don't understand why you define your own  
'MyDrawable' struct when it is identical to the GimpDrawable struct  
already available.

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