On Sat, 2009-12-26 at 19:03 +0100, Louise Hoffman wrote:
> > You can't show a drawable by itself, it needs to be in an image. Also, an
> > image can't show itself, you must create a display for that. You are also
> > using the API in weird ways, for example, objects such as layers and images
> > are represented by integers in the plug-in context.
> >
> > You are also saying that the plug-in takes the active image and drawable as
> > parameter, but since you are creating a new image, you are not interested in
> > those values (I assume) so there is no point in specifying these as
> > arguments to the hello-world procedure.
> This is my first attempt to write a GIMP plugin, as you probably have
> guessed by now =)

I strongly suggest that you read the tutorial on developer.gimp.org


and perhaps study the code of a plug-in that does something similar to
what you want to achieve. Writing a plug-in without any idea of how the
GIMP API works is not going to be a fun experience.


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