> I strongly suggest that you read the tutorial on developer.gimp.org
> then:
>  http://developer.gimp.org/writing-a-plug-in/1/index.html

I read that one, and it was from that, I copied a lot of the code. I
was why I had all this pointer and structs at first =)

> and perhaps study the code of a plug-in that does something similar to
> what you want to achieve. Writing a plug-in without any idea of how the
> GIMP API works is not going to be a fun experience.

hehe =) Yes, it is pretty tough, but you guys have helped me out a
lot, so now I am very close to my goal =)

I guess the biggest problem right now is, how I plot a 16bit value.

Searching I find some that say GEGL will first be usable in GIMP 2.10.

Have you had any experience with plotting 16 bit (doubles)? Can it be done?
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