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> Jon Nordby wrote:
>> Picking up this right now. As stated in the report, there is a Python
>> input handler plug-in (written by me) available that provides OpenRaster
>> support. Are you be interested in shipping this for 2.8? What would it take?
> Personally I think we should accept a sane patch that gives GIMP the
> ability to load OpenRaster files, for 2.8.

Please test, review and give feedback on the following patch/plug-in. On any
aspect. It gives GIMP the ability to load and save OpenRaster files.
Tested with GIMP 2.6.8 and current git (f0348aff40b27) using Python 2.6.
Should work equally well with python 2.5 and maybe also 2.4.

Some questions:
- The thumbnail function does not seem to be called (at least a print
statement does not give output) but thumbnailing does work as expected.
Anyone got an explanation?
- Should the plug-in set mime-type association on the saving function

Known limitations:
- Nested layers are flattened instead of leveraging nested layers available
in 2.7+git
- Thumbnail scaling is not implemented

Regards Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com

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