Gino D wrote:
> Hi.
> Inside a web page, I've read that the release of GIMP 2.7 already 
> anticipates several features of the stable version 2.8, including the 
> ability to activate the Single Window Mode. Nevertheless, I guess the 
> article was referring only to the Linux version of the program, because 
> the author explained a way to activate it (via the Window Management 
> item of the Preferences Panel) that I haven't been able to replicate 
> into Windows.
> Can you please tell me if what I've read is true or not? And if yes, by 
> chance is it somehow possible to test the Single Window Mode within the 
> Windows version of GIMP 2.7.0 which at present is available on 
> Thanks in advance.


The single-window mode is OS independent and will work anywhere. I 
expect switching between modes to work slightly differently depending on 
platform however since the window manager is more involved in this case, 
but my intention is to make this work equally well on Linux, Mac and 

Regarding Windows builds with single-window mode: I don't know of any, 
someone else might.

  / Martin


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