On Tue, 2010-01-05 at 22:46 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:

> If you find the comment confusing I should explain it in more detail. 
> First, I should define the terms I use in the comment. When I say "UI 
> code" I am referring to any code that is in modules with a GTK+ 
> dependency, which includes the display module. When I say "core", I am 
> referring to any code that is in the core modules, modules that don't 
> have a GTK+ dependency, such as xcf, text, vectors, core and config. 
> With these definitions, which I find reasonable,the core has a 
> dependency to the UI code. If you are fine with moving the two files to 
> the config module, we should do that. Since this is something that IMHO 
> should be fixed, we should not remove the comment.

Since there is no GTK+ dependency in the two files, nor any dependency
on code that has a GTK+ dependency, there is no dependency from core to
the UI here. The files are just better located in app/display as that is
where they are used.

> The purpose of the graphic is to give an overview of how the libraries 
> and core modules in the GIMP code base relate to each other. It gives a 
> nice overview and I believe it will be beneficial both to new and old 
> contributors (I find it useful myself).

I would expect to find a direction in the graphics going from base
modules to the UI. And I would expect to find modules that are on the
same level grouped together. Instead I find chaos. Sorry, but there is
no order in this graphics. It's just arrows pointing in all directions.
This does certainly not reflect the structure of the current code.


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