sure - first I told you all some peoples sell GIMP giving impression
of a Pro piece of software ( that mean money - which mean support and
all related things ). Well if you allow this is ok is not my problem.

the second "spam" is about Raw Therapee which move to GPL I was
thinking someone on this list will be interested at least for the
"open source" words inside the announce.

I can not finish my message without my appreciation for you're kindly
notice about the spam that I was in danger to create - who know maybe
in the morning my spam length could have some kilometers - well, this
way I will go to bed now and the planet is saved. Thanks again for
your kindly words and empathy.

2010/1/8 Sven Neumann <>:
> Hi,
> can you please stop spamming this mailing-list with your links?
> Thanks,
> Sven

Nemes Ioan Sorin
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