Damien wrote:

> I started working on "bug 373060 - allow to easily switch to last  
> used tool" and ran into design problems, so am I taking this here. I  
> already have a strong idea on what the feature should be
> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=373060

I think what needs to be filtered out of that bug is that users' need to
have a small ad-hoc arsenal of tools + tools settings + resources  
brushes, etc.) to quickly switch between to complete their current task.

the context swapping solution is both too simple with two (current/ 
tools + tools settings slots, and too opaque in how it works UI-wise
with only one shortcut to do two things: store and recall. so actually
two shortcuts are needed to do things. and those are only shortcuts,
where is the primary UI that it is a shortcut for?

another plan, long-term per-tool presets, are not the answer to this
too, because the ad-hoc nature of the users' needs is not covered by
it. it is all to static and targeted at persisting user's favourite
tool settings over time.

looking at the nature of the "small ad-hoc arsenal of tools +
tools settings + resources" requirement, I think that a brainstormed
mix of something I proposed ages ago, 'blobs of paint' or file palette,


under "4. better painting tools"

and something yahvuu has been brainstorming:


so a file specific working palette where any tool+settings (one thing),
resource, plugin+parameters, color can be dragged in, dragged out and
recalled to be the thing to use. this would form that small ad-hoc  


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