2010/1/9 peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net>

> looking at the nature of the "small ad-hoc arsenal of tools +
> tools settings + resources" requirement, I think that a brainstormed
> mix of something I proposed ages ago, 'blobs of paint' or file palette,
> see:
> <
> http://www.mmiworks.net/eng/publications/2007/05/lgm-top-gimp-user-requests_25.html
>  >
> under "4. better painting tools"
> and something yahvuu has been brainstorming:
> <http://gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com/2009/05/palettes-smoking-carrots.html
>  >
> so a file specific working palette where any tool+settings (one thing),
> resource, plugin+parameters, color can be dragged in, dragged out and
> recalled to be the thing to use. this would form that small ad-hoc
> arsenal.

I particularly like the idea of file specific paint blobs, though I think
there can be a set of user/app-wide blobs that can share the same ui.
Regarding the implementation, such a file specific set of tool presets would
require to have them - gradients, brushes, palettes and fonts included -
embedded in the xcf file. Is this currently possible ? If not, can this be
afforded without breaking too much things ?

I would love to work on such a feature but I think I can't play it by ear.
This would require a lot more work than what I did.

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