> On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 8:21 PM, peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net> wrote:
> > so per-tool presets would be the solution for your case

Alexia Death writes:
> May it be noted that the tool presets of this nature already exist.
> they are just terrible to use. those little buttons and menus in tool
> options suck. So perhaps we could just start with making those tool
> presets usable?

The biggest problem I have with the current tool preset UI is that
Save and Restore look almost identical, but Save is destructive.

More than once, I've clicked on Save intending to choose (Restore) one
of my presets. A menu pops up with a list of the current settings,
so I choose the one I want -- and I end up overwriting that setting.

And there's no Undo, so now I have to stop what I'm doing, go figure
out what those settings were, set them by hand, Save them again, and
finally I can get on with editing the image.

I finally learned never to click either of those buttons without
first hovering over it and waiting for the tooltip, to make sure
it's absolutely positively the right button.

Without any real redesign, it would help a lot to have a heading on
that menu that says "Save options" in bold -- so it's possible to
tell that you're about to overwrite something before you do so.

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