I have made a schedule for GIMP 2.8 with the main purpose of being a 
tool to help us decide what features to include or exclude. The schedule 
will also let us track project progress and assist "third parties" in 
their planning, such as the documentation team and distro package 

The schedule is very simple. It contains a list of things we want to do 
for GIMP 2.8 and an estimate of the time each task will take in the unit 
"8-hour workdays". The sum of all tasks is then multiplied with a "days 
worked per week" factor to give us an estimate on the number of days 
left until GIMP 2.8 is ready. Including the things we originally wanted 
in GIMP 2.8, the ETA for GIMP 2.8 is 2012-01-23. I don't think anyone of 
us wants to wait that long, so we need to take a few features out. If we 
take out:

  * Vector layers
  * Unified transform tool
  * Cairo drawing on canvas
  * Free transform tool
  * A bunch of bugs on the 2.8 milestone list

Then the ETA of GIMP 2.8 becomes 2010-12-02 which is more
reasonable. There is of course a large degree of inaccuracy in these
numbers, we should iteratively refine them. There are a few things I 
would like to point out regarding this schedule:

  * No pressure, that will take the fun out of GIMP development
  * It is optional to bother about this schedule
  * There are no tasks assigned to specific persons
  * It is intentionally very simple
  * It will become more useful over time

Right now the schedule can be found at [1]. My proposal is that we 
version control the OpenOffice.org Calc document in the devel-docs 
directory in GIMP git.

So, what do you guys say about doing the above de-scoping and version 
controlling the schedule in git?

  / Martin

[1] http://www.chromecode.com/gimp/gimp-2-8-schedule.ods
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