On Monday 11 January 2010 22:53:06 Martin Nordholts wrote:
> I have made a schedule for GIMP 2.8 with the main purpose of being a
> tool to help us decide what features to include or exclude. 
> Right now the schedule can be found at [1]. My proposal is that we
> version control the OpenOffice.org Calc document in the devel-docs
> directory in GIMP git.
> So, what do you guys say about doing the above de-scoping and version
> controlling the schedule in git?

In general, its wonderful. A few notes tho. The format. It does not really 
facilitate discussion and is a bit inconvenient to follow. Perhaps a wiki 
format, tho I assume calc was selected because of the eta math? Versioning is 
a good idea regardless.

Next, It currently assumes there is only one person at work. Wouldn't it make 
more sense to track estimated time of completion as provided by people working 
on a feature, or yes, a time estimate for no caretaker or hard to assess 
items? If something has no caretaker an no estimate of completion its likely 
to be left out.
Lastly, items on this list could use some numbered markings so one could add a 
comment with a reference, say this depends on item X, cant be started before 
its done etc.

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