>Yes I can, I would love it, any suggestion?

You may have well some suggestions

As example just explore the "download " section(s).

Instead then a page  with a ordered and clear list of options available for
the different OS,each with the related link more a link for the source, you
will find a quite confusing situation,

 on one hand a Downlaod for Windows thingy, that go on by redirecting from
page to page,as in a race trough a labyrinth  ...and with no apparent link
back in case you chose for error the wrong OS

On the other hand other generic Download  pages where any indication of the
existence of something as a " Windows OS " is missed..but are missed also also
the most basic  tips for Linux users as " were get a build for your distro "
( i know answer is simple," directly in your distro repository"
..but since other sw do offer directly  binary for the main distro , also 
different answers may well be expected ...)

This is what a not expert as me may spot at the very contact with the side
"spot" is here a euphemism most of the casual visitors just smash there...and
then they give up and download gimp from some other side as www.download
com,Majorgeeks,Filehippo and similar..
or revert to ask advices to their distro forums )

 But since is your field you should be able to notice more area that may need

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