Alexia Death wrote:
> In general, its wonderful. A few notes tho. The format. It does not really 
> facilitate discussion and is a bit inconvenient to follow. Perhaps a wiki 
> format, tho I assume calc was selected because of the eta math? Versioning is 
> a good idea regardless.
> Next, It currently assumes there is only one person at work. Wouldn't it make 
> more sense to track estimated time of completion as provided by people 
> working 
> on a feature, or yes, a time estimate for no caretaker or hard to assess 
> items? If something has no caretaker an no estimate of completion its likely 
> to be left out.
> Lastly, items on this list could use some numbered markings so one could add 
> a 
> comment with a reference, say this depends on item X, cant be started before 
> its done etc.

Hi Kaja,

Yes, I used Calc because there are calculations that needs to be 
made. It would be nice to have it more accessible but I think we can 
live with it when I've added it to ./devel-docs.

The scheme does not assume there is only one person at work, the current 
factor "3 days worked per week" is what I estimate that the GIMP 
community currently produces together.

And IMHO, adding numbers to allow references and dependencies would 
create more complexity than we currently need.

  / Martin
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