>"My way around this was to use a PF_DIRNAME immediately above the PF_STRING
>and combining them for the total path."
>Ah, thank you very much. I wasn't aware of PF_DIRNAME. It's missing in the
GIMP Python docs. This way I have a nice workaround which totally fits my
>What else PF_ data types are missing in the docs? Or the other way around:
Where can I read about all currently existing types?

You know, I'm not sure where I first found it.  I might have just changed
SF-DIRNAME to PF_DIRNAME, assuming it would translate, which it did.

Finding a single source of current documentation on Python scripting in GIMP
is darn near impossible.  I just fire up my google-fu and burn some bandwidth.
 Experimentation is also key.  Not sure if something works, try it out. 
What's the worse that could happen? ;)

Scott (via www.gimpusers.com)
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