On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:01 AM, Liam R E Quin <l...@holoweb.net> wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-01-15 at 08:18 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> Personally I would be _encouraged_ to further contribute to GIMP if
>> GIMP had someone working full time.
> I think it depends on the person...
> On the other hand, I can also imagine incentives in the form of
> socks :-), or graphics tablets, or colour-managed displays and
> printers, or whatever.  Competitions for who can convert the
> most plugins to gtkbuilder (half :-) on that one, but only half)
> or who can write the most useful tutorial for a new feature.

I actually agree with this.  Reward does not have to be money, It
could just as well be something interesting that you couldn't/wouldn't
get otherwise.

If Gimp aims to be a professional tool, then support for things like
decent graphics tablets and extras needs to be there and for it to be
there developers need access to the tools. I'm currently trying to
scrounge up enough to get myself an intuos/cintiq (naah, cant afford
that ever) with at least one of its wheel reporting extras and its
proving quite difficult, because these are pro tools and as such cost
a lot of money. And when I get one, and do something, It would be
really helpful if someone else in the dev team could actually test
this code as well without me actually mailing my device out to them.
Another thing that developers should at least try to use is screen
calibration hardware and color managed process. I personally have
never done this bacause of the cost of owning one of the spider

Tablet is something that can motivate anyone slightly artistic to
action and wacom makes them in varied sizes and configurations so the
size of the task can easily be matched to a suitable tablet for an
award. Also, simple things like T-shirts, quality GIMP posters and
stickers that are easy to mail and don't cost too much can perhaps
perk people up. Appreciation is a strong motivating force.

To summarize, to build a pro product developers need access to pro
tools  and access to pro tools can be a strong motivator for hacking,
but even little tokens of appreciation work.

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