On 2010-01-15 18:02, Alexia Death wrote:
> Well, I didn't know it was an option, and my interest in such device
> is not limited to just developing gimp, so I've been plotting to get
> one on my own... But it would help a lot if me and someone else, like
> Martin or Mitch had the same set, for testing etc purposes.

If you want pen rotation for for developing but you also need a tablet 
for your personal artistic needs, the best choice would be getting a 
Wacom Intuos4 Medium tablet + Art Pen (undiscounted price: about 370 + 
100 euro), although if you're really into drawing and painting then you 
should get an Intuos4 Large which costs 480 euro (+ 100 euro Art Pen). 
These are prices from the official Wacom.eu shop; online retails prices 
are usually about 10% lower. If you're really on a budget (or better, if 
Gimp funds don't allow for such expenses) then you should get an Intuos4 
Small (Wacom price: 225 euro), although I personally don't recommend it 
for drawing or painting as it's way too small. For testing/developing 
tablet support on Gimp would be more than enough anyway.


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