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> II. Range of actually useful values for IJG quality value
>     For GIMP's target users less than half of all possible settings
> are useful:
possibly - I've often used values as low as 35% or sometimes lower.
"The sweet spot" depends hugely on your image and your purpose -
consider providing a "lowsrc" alternate image for low bandwidth
Web users for example, or a thumnail.

Most of the preview images on www.fromoldbooks.org are saved at 75%
(usually with "smoothing" to reduce artifacts a little)

>      95
>       .  no-go: just wastes disk space -- ever heard of XCF?
>     100

Actually I use 97% a lot, and 100% too -- because I want jpeg format,
not some application-specific thing that won't work for most users.
Export is about interchange, the end product, you shouldn't ever use
jpg for a file you're going to edit again, and you shouldn't normally
use xcf for interchange unless you know they're using (a compatible
version of) GIMP...

> III. Parameter Triaging
>      The "Subsampling" parameter is more important than its current
>      position inside the "advanced parameters" section suggests.
Yes - in particular it affects colours, especially reds.


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