Omari Stephens wrote:
>> I had naively signed up for the "work on color management" job.  That
>> said, do you happen to know where the sRGB thingie is added by default?
>>    (if not, I can probably find it, but if you know offhand, I'm not
>> beyond laziness ;o)
> It was actually trivial to find.  Right now, I'm just considering the 
> consequences before I nuke that 4 lines of code.

You are talking about

Nuking those four lines is not enough, a way to embedd an sRGB profile 
must also be added. Unfortunately, assagning an sRGB profile to an image 
in current GIMP does not "stick" since sRGB is the default color space. 
We need to change this. Changing this is likely to cause problems in 
other parts of the color managed code which needs to be taken care of.

  / Martin


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