On 01/24/2010 09:03 AM, Omari Stephens wrote:
> On 01/24/2010 08:31 AM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> Omari Stephens wrote:
>>>> I had naively signed up for the "work on color management" job. That
>>>> said, do you happen to know where the sRGB thingie is added by default?
>>>> (if not, I can probably find it, but if you know offhand, I'm not
>>>> beyond laziness ;o)
>>> It was actually trivial to find. Right now, I'm just considering the
>>> consequences before I nuke that 4 lines of code.
>> You are talking about
>> http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp/tree/plug-ins/common/file-png.c#n1456
>> right?
>> Nuking those four lines is not enough, a way to embedd an sRGB profile
>> must also be added. Unfortunately, assagning an sRGB profile to an image
>> in current GIMP does not "stick" since sRGB is the default color space.
>> We need to change this. Changing this is likely to cause problems in
>> other parts of the color managed code which needs to be taken care of.
> Any licensing folks about?  Debian's "icc-profiles" package ships an
> sRGB profile that has license [1].  The ICC itself also provides sRGB v2
> and v4 ICC profiles for use with licenses [2] and [3], respectively.
> Can we ship one of these with GIMP?  At the very least, the PNG spec
> calls for IEC 61966-2-1, which is one of the sRGB v2 profiles, though
> both the BPC-enabled and BPC-disabled versions seem to count as 61966-2-1.
> Also, from a practical standpoint, are there important situations where
> someone would want to tag a PNG as sRGB, but where simply applying the
> actual sRGB color profile wouldn't be a reasonable substitute to the
> sRGB PNG chunk?
::snip? SNIP!::

After a bit more thinking, it occurs to me that it makes no sense for us 
to not have a a copy of the working-space color profile, if we want to 
consider the image tagged with that profile.  Consider the following:

1) Suppose we consider the image not to be associated with _any_ 
profile.  We use our default working-space profile because that's why 
it's there.  When we export an image, it should not be tagged as 
associated with any color profile.

2) Suppose we consider the image to be associated with our working-space 
profile.  When we export an image, it should be tagged with our 
working-space profile.  If what we export is a JPG or a TIFF, they have 
no equivalent to PNG's "sRGB chunk" — we need to have a copy of the 
actual sRGB profile on hand so that we can apply it to the exported file.

For exporting to PNG here, if our working-space is sRGB v2, we have the 
option of applying the color profile or adding the PNG sRGB chunk. 
According to the standard, these should be equivalent.  Whether this is 
the case in practice is something I'm unsure about.

3) If the user tags the image with some color profile from her 
filesystem, then we cache that profile in the icc-profile parasite.  We 
use the parasite to tag the image when we export it.

4) If the user opens an image that is already tagged with some profile, 
the profile is already in the icc-profile parasite.  We use the parasite 
to tag the image when we next export it.

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