No, this is really a problem of the git version. Version 2.6 works according
to the watercolor model. It seems that the git version is broken. Should I
fill a bug in Bugzilla?

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 2:27 PM, Austin Donnelly -- yahoo <> wrote:

>  That’s by-design.  Think of mixing paint: if you add in more and more
> paint, eventually you’ll get to a muddy brown colour.  Since the watercolour
> tab in the colour picker simulates mixing paint, it also has this effect.
> I’m not sure why it would converge to cyan, though.  That might be a bug.
> Austin
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> In the current git version of GIMP, the watercolor tab in the color chooser
> seems to be broken. If you click enough times anywhere in the color
> rectangle, you always finish with the same color, #00ffff.
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> Olivier Lecarme

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