Hi everyone,

I just attached a patch to

   Bug 346881 - Remove redundant title of tab and move menu button up

that removes the drag handles in dockables and moves the dockable menu 
button up to the row of tabs. A screenshot based comparison between 2.6 
and git with the patch applied can be found here (note that the docking 
bars are already removed in git):


This change frees up space for dockable content, which is nice, but 
since the change has a rather big impact on the UI I would like the 
opinions from people on this list. Let us first enumerate what the drag 
handle that the patch removes provides:

1. It acts as a drag handle
2. It flashes when the dockable is selected with the keyboard, an 
important feedback
3. It hosts the dockable menu button
4. It hosts a textual name of the dockable

And now, what of this is lost with the patch? 1 is not lost because the 
patch makes tabs always show, also when there only is one dockable, and 
tabs are drag handles too. 2 is addressed by the patch, it moves the 
flashing from the drag handle to the entire dockable, using the same 
highlight as in drag-and-drop. 3 is fine, the button is simply moved to 
the row of tabs. 4 is the tricky one, the patch doesn't really address this.

I can see two main approaches regarding 4:

  a. Use the tab tooltip for the textual description
  b. Make use of that the tabs themselves are configurable, they can be 
changed to show the dockable name instead of an icon, or even both

Right now I lean towards a, the icons are descriptive by themselves.

I'd like to get this into GIMP 2.8, and for that we both need to agree 
on the details, which we will do in this thread, and we need to wait for 
GTK+ 2.20 to be released because we rely on GtkNotebook API available 
only in GTK 2.20.

Any comments appreciated

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