On 02/02/2010 02:40 PM, yahvuu wrote:
> Hi,
> Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> I just attached a patch to
>>     Bug 346881 - Remove redundant title of tab and move menu button up
> works fine with a small nit:
> when there's only one tab, the "Tab Style" menu entry is missing.

Thanks, I've uploaded a new patch with this addressed.

> In principle icon+label is best, both easier to locate and to click.
> The only reason to display less is contrained space. IMHO.
> Ideally, the tabs would gracefully degrade when there's not
> enough space available. For increasing number of tabs:
>    1. icon + label
>    2. icon + short label
>    3. icon only
>    4. icon || arrows for scrolling
> If i understand the GtkNotebook API correctly, it is not possible
> to base something like this on the actual size of the tabs.

It's a good idea and I think we should try. It could work fairly well to 
hook into size-allocation of the tab widgets, and if the total width is 
wider than the width of the GtkNotebook, go one step down in your list.

One thing is unclear though, how would we map the current Tab Style 
settings to this? One approach would be to add a new style "Automatic" 
and make it default, but that doesn't feel very elegant...

I'd also like to, just for reference, link to a related discussion about 
making Tab Style a more global setting:

"[Gimp-developer] Making dockable tab style a global setting"



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