I'm trying to figure out the best way to add all of the paths listed in 
gimprc under 'plug-in-path' to the python path in order to properly 
support the python package/module structure.

Adding this would allow better organization of larger python plugins and 
import statements would work correctly.

As far as I can tell there is three problems to solve.

     1) Getting the directories added to sys.path
     2) When gimp scans directories for plugins to register, it'll also 
need to search through all of the folders
     3) When scanning the files, ignore the files without the register 
function. (right now is outputs a warning)

Right now I'm just trying to solve the first problem.
The first option is to add the following code(or something similar) to 
gimpfu.py and gimpplugin.py
Most plugins are going to use gimpfu, but adding it in both spots would 
work for those that just use gimpplugin.

import sys
     gimprc_file = open(gimp.personal_rc_file("gimprc"), "r")
     for line in gimprc_file:
         if line.startswith("(plug-in-path"):
             for path in line.split('"')[1].split(':'):

This approach works, but the same code is in two different spots.

2nd option that I came up with is to make the change in gimpmodule.c in 
the initgimp function. Having the change in this module would work 
I'm not a C person so my best attempt so far is something along the lines of

     PyRun_SimpleString("import sys");
     Loop paths here

I tried using gimp_gimprc_query("plug-in-path") to get the paths, but 
calling this in initgimp causes the 'gimp wire read' error.
So I figure using this approach, I'll have to load and parse the gimprc 

I would really like to see this functionality added to trunk so if you 
have any suggestions on what would be an acceptable solution I'd really 
appreciate it...

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