Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 02/02/2010 02:40 PM, yahvuu wrote:
> Thanks, I've uploaded a new patch with this addressed.

thank you for caring about this stuff!
will check it out..

>> Ideally, the tabs would gracefully degrade when there's not
>> enough space available. For increasing number of tabs:
>>    1. icon + label
>>    2. icon + short label
>>    3. icon only
>>    4. icon || arrows for scrolling

here's how that might look like:
To be honest, i like neither 2a) nor 2b) very much.

> One thing is unclear though, how would we map the current Tab Style
> settings to this? One approach would be to add a new style "Automatic"
> and make it default, but that doesn't feel very elegant...

i don't think a default "Automatic" style hurts much. Nobody should have
to mess with that menu on a regular basis.

> I'd also like to, just for reference, link to a related discussion about
> making Tab Style a more global setting:
> "[Gimp-developer] Making dockable tab style a global setting"

while re-reading, i had a look at how CS4 looks like, and i now
understand what Peter meant by calmness of text:
- très chic. and really guides the attention to the dialog.

But i don't think that discreet icons really hurt. Here's a
second comparison, which also tries small icons, like Alexia said:

I guess icon size is within the domain of theming?!?


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