Hi all,

Omari Stephens wrote:
> Hi, all
> I wrote up a quick spec for how GIMP should deal with color profiles
> associated with files and images.  The spec is attached, and is also
> attached to bug 608961.  If you have any general thoughts/comments, I
> would love to hear them, but please note the scope of the document.

Please don't forget to incorporate EXIF data into the show:

For quite some time, users will have to deal with incompatible and
especially simply incomplete implementations of color management.
Possibly that pain [1] can be eased if users are supported to specify
workarounds, like: 'camera xy' + 'filename starts with _' => AdobeRGB.
Sort of heuristic device drivers.


PS: I think the scope of your questions is actually more of UX. As you said,
    the pure technical solution is to popup when inference fails.

[1] an example of how it took 5 days to track down the
    import problems for some Pentax cameras:

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