GEGL 0.1.2
GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) is a graph based image processing framework.

GEGL provides a graph based API and framework to do demand driven, cached, non
destructive image editing of larger than RAM images. Through babl it provides
support for a wide range of color models and pixel storage formats for input
and output.

To build gegl-0.1.2 you will also need babl-0.1.2

Changes in this release
 • GeglLookup, configurable floating point lookup tables for lazy computation.
 • Use GFileIOStream in GeglTileBackendFile.
 • Optimizations: in-place processing for point filters/composers,
     SIMD version of gegl:opacity, avoid making unneccesary sub-buffers,
     removed some  manual instrumentation from critical paths, improved
     speed of samplers. In some cases with current GIMP this leads to a
     doubling of the performance.
 • Added xml composition/reference image based regression tests.
 • Added performance tracking framework.
 • Syntactic sugar using varargs for constructing gegl graphs from C.
 • Build fixes on cygwin,
 • Gegl# fixes.
 • Initial, but unstable code towards multithreading.
 • Improvements to lua op in workshop.
 • Added new resamplers upsize, upsharp, upsmooth, downsize, downsharp and
 • Removed gegl:tonemap and gegl:normal ops.

This release of GEGL brought was brought to you by:
  Martin Nordholts, Sven Neumann, Nils Philippsen, Adam Turcotte,
  Danny Robson, Michael Schumacher, Ruben Vermeersch, Øyvind Kolås,
  Javier Jardón, Yaakov Selkowitz and Michael Natterer, Kaja Liiv
  and Eric Daoust.

Where to get GEGL
The latest versions of GEGL and it's hard dependencies babl and glib can be
fetched from:

The integrity of the tarballs can be verified with:

sha1sum *.bz2
1abe98b11e67737b6f74d6993d45046eec93bcda  babl-0.1.0.tar.bz2
34b4a6be9e472324d6dd1233713a1f8851fcdc04  gegl-0.1.2.tar.bz2
19e2b2684d7bc35a73ff94eb7fd15fc70cc6f292  glib-2.20.5.tar.bz2

Where to get more information about GEGL
More information about GEGL can be found at the GEGL website
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