NOTE: if someone wants to think about the UI/UX involved in the color 
management spec, I would really appreciate it.  Right now, I have no 
time for thinking outside the box — it's all I can do to find 30 minutes 
here and there to do some GIMP hacking as it is.  So if you don't want 
to see more options at the bottom of the "Color Management" 
configuration pane, your help would be appreciated.

(more comments inline)

On 02/07/2010 12:36 PM, yahvuu wrote:
> Hi all,
> Omari Stephens wrote:
>> Hi, all
>> I wrote up a quick spec for how GIMP should deal with color profiles
>> associated with files and images.  The spec is attached, and is also
>> attached to bug 608961.  If you have any general thoughts/comments, I
>> would love to hear them, but please note the scope of the document.
> Please don't forget to incorporate EXIF data into the show:
> For quite some time, users will have to deal with incompatible and
> especially simply incomplete implementations of color management.
> Possibly that pain [1] can be eased if users are supported to specify
> workarounds, like: 'camera xy' + 'filename starts with _' =>  AdobeRGB.
> Sort of heuristic device drivers.

I specifically chose to ignore that problem for now, as I think it's 
more difficult to deal with than the generic "has embedded ICC profile 
or not?" problem.  I should probably have mentioned that in the spec 
("what is out of the scope of this spec" or somesuch).

For one, as Sven pointed out, we can't ship the AdobeRGB color profile. 
  This means that even if we know it _should_ be AdobeRGB, the user will 
need to take some action either to make that profile available or to tag 
it manually.

Secondly, we currently use libexif for parsing EXIF in JPEG.  We need to 
switch to exiv2, but since the latter is C++, we'll need a C/C++ 
compatibility layer as well.  A further problem is that we don't 
currently support EXIF in PNG, which we should (and would be able to 
with exiv2).

In short, I would consider "make EXIF work right" a mostly-orthogonal 
problem to "make color management work right".  They're both important, 
but the color management problem is the one that I'm focusing on right now.

> PS: I think the scope of your questions is actually more of UX. As you said,
>      the pure technical solution is to popup when inference fails.
True.  Unfortunately, guiguru doesn't seem to have been around in any 
real capacity of late, so I think I'm going to have to start off by 
adding functionality in ways that work but are non-ideal, and then we 
can refine it later on.

> [1] an example of how it took 5 days to track down the
>      import problems for some Pentax cameras:
Hmm.  matching the filename against /_...[0-9]{4}\.jpg/i is one 
potential heuristic to suggest (this image should be AdobeRGB), but I'm 
not sure it would be worth the effort — if someone has a bunch of 
untagged (as opposed to EXIF-tagged) AdobeRGB images, then they've got a 
problem in their workflow.


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