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this is work in progress, mostly in analysis stage and a bit chaotic,
but there are already some conclusions which might be worth discussing.

any comments appreciated,

>From the product vision follows a tightly coupled workflow as default,
where each file should have a profile embedded: a few bytes overhead are
a nuisance, but wrong colors can be a quite expensive error.
Notable exception is save-for-web.

Which import/export behaviour is desired, depends more on the workflow
than on the file formats. So it's rarely the import/export plugins
which can decide properly. However, following the hi-fi attitude from
the product vision, an overall rule for export is:
if in doubt, embed a color profile.

>From the User Scenarios [1], i'd like to pick "Creating Original Art",
short name: "create a collage". This seems to be the clearest case,
and perhaps the others can be modelled after this one.

Compositing several images into one image requires that all parts
have the same color space. The work is saved as XCF.

Interestingly, from this follows that the working color space is not
a preference item, but a property of the image (XCF). Instead,
the _default_ image's color space is a preference item. The color
space should be set by choosing a template or from the Image->Mode menu.

For collage work, 'open as layers' can safely auto-convert to working color 
if a to-be-imported image requires manual color space adjustment,
it can be opened as an image on its own, be converted and then just be
dragged to the collage. So dragging layers between images should
silently auto-convert, too.

Other observation: the Assign/Convert commands are correctly placed in the
Image->Mode menu [2].

Dealing with invalid profiles (in order of preference)
  - do nothing: an experienced user just _sees_ that something went wrong
  - red message in status bar, clicking it reveals backlog with
    detailed problem description
  - image overlay on top: "color space problem on import. click to see details",
    like Firefoxen's popup-blocker does (or stackoverflow.com to advertise its 
  - definitely not a pop-up

Bug 320447 -  fast switching between "color managed display" and "softproof"
In future this can be solved very elegantly with a projection screen,
analogous to the printing press projection and index color work [3].

For 2.8, the 'display filters' seem just right for this,
so i'll second the approach taken in the bug report.

Somewhat related, why is 'color management' available as a display filter?
The name suggests it's a filter between image and monitor, so at most
the monitor profile(s) may be chosen here.


There's no explicit save-for-web in 2.8, so a drop-down selector
in the export dialog should do, which defaults to 'embed profile'.

(thanks for reading)

[1] http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/User_Scenarios

[2] off-topic: and for 3.x we should be rid of that Image->Mode menu.
    With floating point processing, it is very tempting to
    fix the working space to some full-gamut color space, like scRGB or
    betaRGB (http://www.brucelindbloom.com/index.html?BetaRGB.html).


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