Omari Stephens wrote:").
> What does "compatible with AdobeRGB" actually mean?

It means that it was written to conform to Adobe's published
specification of AdobeRGB.

> How does 
> "compatible with AdobeRGB" differ from "AdobeRGB"?  (Note: I assume that 
> you know what you're talking about here much more than I do.)

It differs from the AdobeRGB profile in that it was created completely
independently from it, and was not authored by Adobe, does not
come from Adobe, nor is it endorsed or certified or approved
by Adobe.

> Beyond that, if someone has the "real" AdobeRGB profile, it would be 
> nice if they could swap it in somehow.  Of course, the importance of 
> this depends on your answers to my questions above.

Any "real" or "actual" AdobeRGB profile is (of course) Copyright
by Adobe. How is that useful to you ?

(Why don't you simply look at them side by side first ?)

Graeme Gill.
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