On 02/08/2010 07:07 PM, yahvuu wrote:
> From the User Scenarios [1], i'd like to pick "Creating Original Art",
> short name: "create a collage". This seems to be the clearest case,
> and perhaps the others can be modelled after this one.
> Compositing several images into one image requires that all parts
> have the same color space. The work is saved as XCF.
> Interestingly, from this follows that the working color space is not
> a preference item, but a property of the image (XCF). Instead,
> the _default_ image's color space is a preference item. The color
> space should be set by choosing a template or from the Image->Mode menu.
> For collage work, 'open as layers' can safely auto-convert to working color 
> space:
> if a to-be-imported image requires manual color space adjustment,
> it can be opened as an image on its own, be converted and then just be
> dragged to the collage. So dragging layers between images should
> silently auto-convert, too.

This problem was observed in the excellent GIMP 2.6 review by Ars Technica:

"GIMP is nearly flawless in its color handling, but there is one 
problem. It forgets to convert copy and pasted image content."


> Somewhat related, why is 'color management' available as a display filter?
> The name suggests it's a filter between image and monitor, so at most
> the monitor profile(s) may be chosen here.

As far as I know this is just an implementation detail leaking out in 
the UI: color managaing the viewing of an image is handled internally 
through a display filter.

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