Google's Summer of Code is back for 2010. The program's goal is to get
students involved with Free/Libre Open Source Software.
See http://socghop.appspot.com/ for more information.

Obviously, there is no point in applying as an organization if there are
no mentors.

So, if you'd like to be mentor, please reply to this mail on the
gimp-developer mailing list (Reply-To is set).

The following rules and notes apply:

1. Please describe potential project(s) in your reply

Please be as precise as possible, without being too verbose (we're still
at an early stage).

2. Describe the optimal student for the project(s)

This includes experiences from their curriculum (useful lectures, for
example) and extra-curricular experiences (e.g. building software on a
regular basis, profound knowledge of color management, math genius, ...).

Please note that if you decide that the project is suitable for
beginners, it will be your responsibility to bring the students up to
speed in order to be able complete the project in time.

We're considering to request some kind of proof for a student's skills
in advance, e.g. a patch for a gnome-love bug.

3. Be present on our IRC channel #gimp on irc.gimp.org

We really, really expect to be able to just ask "how's project $foo
coming along?" there and get an answer (not necessarily in a matter of
minutes, but at least within a few hours; time zones are taken into

Yes, this is basically a "no external mentors" requirement, and has been
requested specifically this year.

That's all for now, more information if there's at least one reply :)


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