On 02/11/2010 10:44 PM, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> So, if you'd like to be mentor, please reply to this mail on the
> gimp-developer mailing list (Reply-To is set).

I am interested in being a mentor

> 1. Please describe potential project(s) in your reply

A. JavaScript scripting in the core and/or plug-ins using GNOME Java 
Script infrastructure (GJS)

B. Make menus searchable, i.e. have a textbox, in the menu for example, 
and anything typed will be matched against all menu items and their 
blurbs and maybe something more. This was GSoC project a previous year 
but it was an utter failure, no progress at all was made as far as I know

C. Implement the free transform tool, 

D. Implement and add infrastructure for on-canvas tool drawing/options

> 2. Describe the optimal student for the project(s)

Apart from the obvious, e.g. experience in and good at C based 
application development:

A) Experience with JavaScript integration in applications

B) Experience with database algorithms and implementation issues

C) Good knowledge about image resampling, in particular warping based

D) Good at high-level and architectural, API based thinking

> We're considering to request some kind of proof for a student's skills
> in advance, e.g. a patch for a gnome-love bug.

That's a good idea, some of our students in the past turned out to be 
very inexperienced and simply unable to complete the project they were 

  / Martin


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