On 02/12/2010 04:55 PM, yahvuu wrote:
> Hi,
> here are some diagrams depicting selected configurations for colormanagement:
> http://yahvuu.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/dataflow.png

I believe number 1 is incorrect:
All images in GIMP will have a color profile.  This will either be the 
implicit sRGB profile, or some explicit profile.  Similarly, in the case 
where the monitor has no explicit display profile, we send it RGB on the 
assumption that it mostly conforms to sRGB.

More specifically, that means that everywhere we display an image will 
be color-managed, even if that image isn't explicitly tagged with a 
profile.  Color-related tools (the color picker comes to mind) should 
always function relative to the color profile of the image, be it 
explicit or implicit.  This may spell some interesting changes for 
Curves and Levels down the line; I'm not sure.

For 2, an image that, when imported, does not have any explicit color 
profile information will be exported without saving any explicit color 
profile information (unless an explicit color profile was added).  I 
also do not understand why 2a and 2b are separated.

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