On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 8:59 AM, SHIRAKAWA Akira
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> On 2010-02-09 19:52, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> "GIMP is nearly flawless in its color handling, but there is one
>> problem. It forgets to convert copy and pasted image content."
> Also don't forget that the various color picker/selectors aren't color
> managed at the moment, so selected colors (FG/BG colors) will look
> differently when painted on a color managed image.

I think color management of individual colors and color selectors is a
tricky subject.

* Color selector colors must be stored in a profile independent
colorspace (LAB?[1]). This ensures that we can paint any color onto
any image and get the right result. Otherwise, we'd have to know the
profile that the color was specified in, in order to use the correct
color on the image we're painting in now.. which makes color storage
way too heavyweight.

* We should consider improving the color history system.
  MyPaint has one with the property that I think is important here: A
color gets added to the history once it is 'read' (in Mypaint's case,
when you paint with it;
   In GIMP's case, this would also be if it was read via the PDB (ie
plugins or scripts)). And the previous color is shown in the color
selector side-by-side to
the color you're now adjusting. This makes it easier to do color
comparisons, which are pretty important to get right when the previous
color and current color are based on different color profiles.

* We should be able to a) specify colors outside of the color profile gamut
  and b) clip the current color to the limits of the current color
profile when painting, previewing etc.
  b) should probably be a toggle, then it could be quite helpful in
quick soft-proofing

* Some of the color selectors are already quite slow (eg. the 'scales' one).
  We should avoid making them slower if possible.

[1] correct me if I'm wrong here... scRGB might do the job okay, I'm
not 100% sure.
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