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> However, the answer to the base question is "Yes, X and Gtk support that to
> a very good degree, and all the low-level API's support delivering all the
> required information".
> and "No, X does nothing with the colorspaces. It is left to the application
> to implement"
> It also is more of a per-monitor issue, rather than per-pixel. So one
> generally will have to deal with a small set of rectangles (two being the
> most common) to adjust. So it's not *quite* up to the complexity of a purely
> per-pixel problem.
> I also would question the assertion that it is an uncommon use case. Those
> most likely to be working seriously with images are generally much likely to
> have two (or more) monitors. They also have a higher chance of caring about
> color fidelity.

I agree; GIMP windows should support color management for individual
image windows according to these atoms, absolutely;
What it would be of little use to do, is to support showing the SAME
image in a single window spanning multiple monitors, with different
colormanagement for each monitor-segment of that Single window.
As I understand, that is what Christopher was requesting and yahvuu
was accurately describing as an uncommon use case, rather than the
general case of one image window on this monitor, one on that, and
they are color managed differently because of it.
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