On Feb 13, 2010, at 2:39 AM, yahvuu wrote:

> In reality, the wall of monitors probably won't work like that as long
> as GIMP has to manage the windows' colors. As others have said, it is
> unreasonable to manage split windows at application level.

Well, personally I don't consider it unmanageable at all to have an application 
manage split windows. Especially with all the detail being presented via GTK on 
the geometry and positioning of the monitors, this is a fairly trivial matter. 
That's trivial in the abstract case, of course. The main complication will be 
in the details of hooking GIMP's display code at the very last moment (since 
among other things color management adjustments need to be done once and only 
once and on the final result just before it gets sent to the display).
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