On Feb 13, 2010, at 12:08 AM, David Gowers wrote:

> I agree; GIMP windows should support color management for individual
> image windows according to these atoms, absolutely;
> What it would be of little use to do, is to support showing the SAME
> image in a single window spanning multiple monitors, with different
> colormanagement for each monitor-segment of that Single window.
> As I understand, that is what Christopher was requesting and yahvuu
> was accurately describing as an uncommon use case, rather than the
> general case of one image window on this monitor, one on that, and
> they are color managed differently because of it.

Ah, but that is exactly what I was thinking. I know the ancient-of-days 
workflow was to have one "good" color monitor for the actual images, and a 
monochrome "control" monitor with the buttons and interfaces to control the 
software. Over the years I've seen more and more users with two or three good 
monitors, including gamers and programmers in addition to artists. And I have 
seen such users have windows with images spanning those monitors very often.

I'd also point out that this single-window-across-multiple-monitors use case is 
exactly one of the main ones that artists using Macintoshes had been quite fond 
of pointing out to their "poor cousins" on Windows (when I've seen them do 
such, it reminds me very much how "real programmers" use Linux). It highlights 
the fact that MacOS has had good color management built in to the OS for years 
and years.
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