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> does seem to come down to the points that X11 does not and should not deal
> with color management in these regards and needs to leave it to the
> individual apps. To get a fully usable system, X11 would require some major
> reworking, and thus won't be seen any time soon.

Do you have a reference to these discussions?  It seems like X
*should*, accepting that it may be difficult.

> Of course, to end up with an optimal workflow for end users, GTK could be
> adapted to handle a fair bit by itself (and, yes, there is work happening on
> this at the moment). Toolbars, icons, menus, color selectors, [...]

I was just going to say here that putting it in GTK could also 'fix'
the color selector issues; let me just emphasize that point here.

On a more philosophical note, how does one represent a color that does
not exist on a display but does on an output device?  Do we make the
assumption that the display always has the widest gamut?  (I.e: GIMP
will never run on a mono/CGA device and print to a CMYK printer.)  Is
that a concern?

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