David Gowers wrote:
> Imo the video card is the correct handler of these issues. X should
> just upload an appropriate lookup table (which is functionality
> already available in X, but doesn't happen automatically). Presumably
> a multihead video card allows multiple LUTs. From that point of view,
> it might make most sense for the desktop environment to do the
> uploading of the LUT(s), since you would probably use it to select and
> test the profile.

Calibration != Profiling

While most cards have per channel Luts, none will have
per rendering context 3D color transforms (although it
can be simulated using 3D texture lookups). Rendering
context is usually somewhere up the rendering stack though,
not something the hardware will be directly aware of.
(It's rendering context because the transform depends on
the source colorspace & intent as well as the display
profile. In general it's not a 3x3 matrix transform either.)

Graeme Gill.
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