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> Olivier writes:
> > For several weeks now (I compile the git version every Monday), the
> windows
> > in normal mode (i.e. multi-window mode) behave in a weird way: I place
> them
> > where I want them on one virtual screen, and then I move to another one
> > virtual screen. When I come back, the windows have moved to a different
> > place, always the same.
> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=608834
> That also has a workaround, if you want to patch your local version
> so you can use gimp in the meantime.
> GIMP remains usable, of course, simply somewhat irritating!

With regards to Sven Neumann's comment  mentioning "some window managers",
the problem occurs with Metacity,  although I had the impression it was the
reference window manager for GIMP.

Olivier Lecarme
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